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Mark Schneider Enchantment


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Hello All! I am brand new to the forum and I have a question. I am very interested in Mark Schneider's Enchantment Ring.... seen below:




I was wondering, if I put a princess cut diamond in this setting, would they have to do a lot of altering to the ring? I just wonder how much more I would have to pay in order to put the princess cut in it? If you have any ideas or have had this done, any information would be great! Thanks!!

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Hi Welcome to the forum!

If you are buying this ring from a dealer, they should be able to order it. Of course, he should be able to answer your question as well.


From the photo, it would seem that a princess cut head could be made to fit during manufacture.


I've honestly never heard of the brand, but if they can't build it as you 'd like, the design seems like on that could be recreated by a good design/manufacturing jeweler

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One consideration with princess cuts is that the corners are relatively fragile, being pointed. A double claw setting like that one would leave the points quite exposed, with a risk of chipping. Just consider how "active" a lifestyle the ring will need to withstand before you decide on the ultimate look.

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Thats so funny, I have a close friend that recently purchased a ring from Mark Schneider. I just got engaged myself and gave my girl a simple band and let her know she could pick a ring that was to her tastes (shes very picky :P)...anyway we were looking into Tacori but my friend actually highly recommended a Mark Schneider ring, and after looking they have some pretty different designs. I like a couple of them but well see what she decides on. I guess they do, do all kinds of custom work...like my friend had a marquise stone placed on one of the designs for the center and also had some color stones put on the side. Its pretty cool and very unique, and I guess they made the ring to her exact finger size, as opposed to sizing a preexisting ring. So thats pretty sweet to have a ring specifically made for her. I dunno, I'm sure its expensive and Im trying to research this more so I still have SOME money left in my bank account...

anyway thats my bit, i was looking around and stumbled upon this and felt like I should share wat little I knew.

Good Luck!

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Congrats on your engagement amdane.

IN terms of rings, and sizing, there's a few points:

1) When custom making a ring for a particular order, or sale, it's customary to make it to the finger size of the buyer.

2) If folks are looking at an existing ring in a store, or on a website which is not the correct size, a competant jeweler can adjust the size without a trace .

I'd be very wary of sellers who will not adjust a ring to the proper size for the buyer

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Many manufacturers will make variations on the same design to accept different shapes and sizes of center stones. Talk with your MS dealer and ask them about the various options available on that particular design. It may simply be a matter of asking the right question.



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I got this ring! i think i asked for this ring with a princess cut and they said no, if i remember right. the round cut sparkles much more and it looks a little squared off with the claws in the corners.

If i could start again i would probably look into ascher cut as its square but with more facets than a princess.


the enchantment is really nice, i am about to get the matching wedding band. note though that its really high set. i usually take it off at night as i put my hands under my face, on the side. i.e. it can be uncomfortable. but its nice and showy, a great evening piece !

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