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Rainbow Colored Diamonds For Lesbian Friend


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I am looking all over for a present for a lesbian friend of mine. wish to get her something special, she is really involved in all the "scene".



Anyway, a few "gay jewelery" websites offering some "rainbow" jewels, and they even got a special page for lesbian jewelry (http://www.loveandpride.com) which after a long scratching - I found a few rainbow jewels, but I am not sure about the quality of the rock, or the value as a diamond or whatever you guys the pros know about.


(for me it is hard to find out the connection between sexual preference to diamonds)

What you think I should do? :lol:

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(for me it is hard to find out the connection between sexual preference to diamonds)


For me too! :lol:


My personal opinion is to give her something that you like and that you think she is going to like, without it necessarily having any reference to her sexual orientation. As a member of a few (sometimes discriminated against) minorities myself, in most cases I'd be (I have been!) between embarrassed and irritated if someone gave me something that "reminded" me of my minority status.


FWIW - from the photos on the site you linked it's hard to tell with any degree of certainty, but it looks like it's all mass-produced with commercial-grade stones. I think you could do much better in terms of quality by selecting stones and setting from a "good" online jeweler and matching the 10% donation if you so wish.

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