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Heart & Arrows Diamond


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Hi...welcome to the forum,


Congratulations on your purchase...based on the limited information that you have shared, the stone should have pretty nice sparkle, as the crown and pavilion angle combination is good.


Unfortunately, there is no amount of information that you could post from which we could tell you if the diamond you have purchased in a Hearts and Arrows diamond. The term "Hearts and Arrows" refers to the "optical symmetry of the diamond" and there is no way to measure this. This is something you will have to see under a hearts and arrows viewer. Many vendors who offer H&A diamonds, offer images of the hearts and arrows...unfortunately, the term H&A is open to wide interpretation and it is often misused and misapplied. In order for a diamond to be considered a "true" H&A stone, the diamond must exhibit 8 properly formed and consistent arrows, and 8 properly formed and consistent hearts. I have posted an example of three stones (models) that represent hearts and arrows diamonds...this will give you an idea of what the pattern should look like.


It is important to remember that just because a diamond has good proportions, does not mean it will have a proper H&A patter, and just because it has a proper H&A pattern, does not mean it has good proportions. It is the marriage of the two factors to yields an Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows diamond.


In short, if you want to see if your diamond is a true hearts and arrows, you can purchase a H&A viewer and look at your diamond, they should be easy to find for sale by doing a quick Google search ( note that you see Arrows from the top of the diamond and Hearts from the bottom of the diamond. If you have already mounted the diamond, you will not be able to see the hearts, only the arrows.); or your could seek an appraiser who has a H&A viewer to appraise the diamond; or you could seek out a jeweler who has a H&A viewer so you could look at the diamond. These viewers are pretty common in the industry and locating one should not be too difficult.


I hope this helps a little.


All the best!


Tim A.

Emma Parker & Co.



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As Tim points out, hearts and arrows is a pattern in the reflections seen when a stone is viewed through a special viewer. It’s a bit of extra work for the cutter to do this and they do it because H&A stones will trade for a slight premium over stones that don’t show it. Whether or not this premium is worth it, and whether or not they actually get it is a different issue but it’s a feature that almost always gets mentioned in the sales presentation if it’s present. Put another way, a lot of dealers will call something h&a where I wouldn’t agree, but if it’s there they usually proudly mention it. Since this apparently didn’t happen with yours, I would guess it’s not.


I also agree with Tim that this doesn’t sound like a problem. It wasn’t something you were looking for, it wasn’t something you paid for, it wasn’t something the dealer told you was there, and it doesn’t seem to be something that you count as particularly important even if it were.



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HI Cheryly- Were you looking for a "Hearts and Arrows" diamond when you purchased?

If so, may I ask why?


The reason I ask is because although many sellers promote this type of facet pattern, not all people will find it attractive. So if you love your diamond( and I'm sure you do) don't be put off if it does not have perfect heart and arrows patterns.

It's not "better" than a non hearts and arrows round diamond.


edited to add: CONGRATS on the new diamond! that's a big one!!

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I agree, if it's not what you where looking for and paid for than don't worry about it.


If you still want to find out, go to a jeweler in your area or do a search for "hearts and arrows loupe". These loupes cost about $20 - $50, so that's another option if you really want to know.


Hope it helps.

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You will have to view it under a symmetry scope to make sure that it is a hearts and arrows diamond. Some diamonds have 8 hearts and 8 arrows and still are not considered a hearts and arrows diamond. It all depends on how well the cutter lined up the facets on the diamond. These do cost more as well.


If that is something that you wanted and didn't get, you might consider using your return option and start over again searching for what you wanted.

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Quick answer is no and no.


Longer answer is not necessarily. Since creating a proper H&A pattern is time consuming, it is generally indicative of attention being paid to the cuttting. Whether that translates into superior fire and brilliance remains to be seen.


In other words - it's not a bad sign, but it's not an unequivocal mark of quality.

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