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Inclusion Dilemma


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"If a diamond has a clarity grade of VS1 or better, you will not see anything with the naked eye. However, it becomes a little harder to make that statement about a VS2, because placement of the inclusion will make a difference. If the main inclusion in a VS2 or SI1 is directly under the table facet (the large facet at the top center), you might be able to see it with the naked eye."



Hello again,


I wrote here almost a year ago asking for your advice regarding my diamond purchase. Perhaps you might recall the (quasi) two-carat diamond (1.96) with the best possible shine and “wow!†factor given the interest-free price that was GIA certified on my birthday (specs below).


Report Check for

GIA Report Number: 16221180


Report Type: GIA Diamond Grading Report


Date of Issue: August 10, 2007


Round Brilliant


Measurements: 8.09 - 8.14 x 4.88 mm


Carat Weight: 1.96


Color Grade: I


Clarity Grade: VS2


Cut Grade: Excellent




Depth: 60.1 %


Table: 61 %


Crown Angle: 32.5°


Crown Height: 12.5 %


Pavilion Angle: 41.6°


Pavilion Depth: 44 %


Star length: 55 %


Lower Half: 80 %


Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick, Faceted


Culet: None




Polish: Excellent


Symmetry: Excellent


Fluorescence: Faint


Comments: Additional clouds are not shown.



As I like to keep an eye on the market and learn more about diamonds in general, I began to read about clouds and crystals. As I looked more closely at the GIA report, I did not realize that the clouds that appear on stone's diagram (not shown above) could be a major flaw and could be evident, as it appears in the center quadrant of the diamond. When I bought the stone, I had no idea about these things and was not searching for inclusions. Now I wonder whether this cloud will impact its appearance. There are also two tiny crystals in the diamond, but they lie in the four-sided area just below the eight-sided one I am describing.


If anyone has access to the charts on the GIA reports, would they mind commenting on this inclusion given the quote I found above? Having a VS2 with the cloud in the middle area of the diamond's reference diagram, should I be concerned?


My diamond is at the store as I pay it off with no interest, so I cannot look at it right now. Frankly, I would not know what to look for even if I saw it. However, I would feel awful to have anyone who understands diamonds and sees what I bought critique it after investing so much time and money on it.


Thank you so much for your help.






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I am adding a diagram to give you an idea of what I am trying to convey. Though this is not the actual diamond report, the cloud is similar in nature to the one I have on mine, though mine is slightly more oval in shape. There are two more, slightly larger clouds at the northern and southern extremities of the diamond, the latter one being adjacent to the two tiny crystals I mentioned. There is a tiny feather on the northern edge of the diamond as well; it is straight but it almost looks like part of the diagram lines.


Is this an out-of-control scenario, or should I have bought something with a completely clean surface?



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Hi Vale,


I saw your post, and I understand your concern...not wanting anything that is going to spoil your diamond. I will tell you up front...I don't believe that the cloud is a concern at all, either visually or to the performance of the diamond. I can say that with certainty because I have worked with thousands of diamonds that have had the exact same thing.


First you have to understand what the cloud actually is. A "Cloud", for clarity purposes, is a grouping of "Pinpoint" inclusions. A "Pinpoint" is a tiny white "Crystal" in the stone. A "Pinpoint" is an extremely tiny inclusion, as the name would suggest. The groupings, which are called "Clouds" are most often very faint, sometimes even hard to pick up with magnification, and are most often translucent, allowing light to pass through them.


Some misconceptions about these small "Clouds", such as the one that is graphed on the GIA report that you posted below...are that they will turn the whole stone cloudy, or that the brilliance will be dead in the spot where the cloud is, etc. These are things that can plague a customer's mind, and it is easy to understand why.


However, your diamond received a grade of VS2 from GIA, and you say that the plot on your GIA report is similar to the one that you posted below. I can tell you this now...I have never, in all my experience, been able to see a GIA VS2 cloud, the size which you describe, with my naked eye! I have a great eye for clarity, and I have never been able to pick up a cloud like that.


If we believe that GIA graded this diamond properly, which if you doubt, you can always have an appraiser give you a second opinion, I find it pretty much impossible that the cloud is visible to the naked eye.


Also, the cloud will not block the brilliance as many clouds are translucent. For example, I once had a customer purchase a beautiful ideal cut diamond with a cloud that covered half the diamond. The clarity grade was I1, and if you looked with the naked eye, you could see the cloud, however it was not terribly noticible, and the stone was beautiful. That cloud, as big as it was, did not impact the light performance of the diamond at all. The stone was a pefectly beautiful AGS Ideal Light Performance diamond, and proved itself in the lab. I am 99.999% certain that your diamond will not be optically affected by the small cloud under the table.


I would not concern yourself. Enjoy your stone...


All the best,


Tim A.

Emma Parker & Co.


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HI Vale,

It's important to keep in mind that the plot on a GIA report is all but useless in trying to figure out what the imperfection looks like.

Sometimes the plot has all kinds of markings, yet the diamond is eye clean.

Other times what looks like a small mark on the plot is easily visible.

If you're holding the diamond, and the GIA report, you can sometimes see why GIA made the markings they did- but looking at the plot without the diamond is useless.

Given that you have inspected this diamond closely, and did not notice anything, I'm sure you're fine here.

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Thank you both for the detailed, expert replies. As I have spoken so much about this stone, I guess all that remains now is to take a picture of it and post it here. Hopefully I will be able to keep my job long enough to have it in my possession. In this economy, things are just not what they seem anymore. :rolleyes:

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I doubt very much that this cloud is visible face up and even will be difficult to detect with a 10X loupe.


Second. the diamond plots on the GIA reports are totally useless and misleading as they are one-dimensional and tell you nothing of the size, color, and actual location of the inclusions.

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