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Does Igi Have A Bad Reputation? I Hope Not Too Bad...


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My mother had a diamond from Zales that she let me have. It was not a great engagement diamond so I decided I would trade it in. I happened to show up on employment discount weekend (25% off) and purchased a well cut, SI(1), I, .74 cut diamond for about $1700 (retail it was 4k). I am pretty satisfied with what I have but am worried that its stats are from International Gemological Informational. I have heard not to trust IGI. Why? I get nervious about buying mall diamonds.

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I agree that asking questions after the fact can be somewhat....frustrating.

But it makes sense to answer for the benefit of those reading this.



I understand that you traded in a diamond.

Was the $1700 after the trade?



I don't feel that having a diamond graded by IGI sent to a thrid party is really going to help the situation. If you are unhappy, you'll need to deal with Zales about undoing the deal.


To answer the main question- no one in the trade would accept an IGI grading as accurate. These reports have a purpose, but not if you want an accurately graded diamond.

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