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Blue Florescence In E Color


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I have no great problem with fluorescence in the vast majority of the cases and it does tend to drive down the prices when compared to other similar stones without it so that makes it a good thing. It does make resale more difficult but resale but if resale is your issue I would stay away from diamonds in genera.



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We happen to have an E/SI2 Emerald Cut to which GIA gave strong blue fluorescence.


This is a stone with a non detrimental fluorescence- rather than being dull ( which is possible in a small percentage of strong blue stones) it actually shows a little blue.

I can see it in the photo below..



Back in the '70's ( 1970's thank you) I was working grading diamonds for Harry Winston. At that time, before GIA reports were prevalent, stones with this type of Fluorescence were called "Premier" and actually were priced higher due to the color.

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