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2008 A Good Time To Buy Diamonds??


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Hiya, I am going to India this Christmas time (2008) and I like to buy something memorable from most places I travel to.


From my last 3 holidays abroad I have brought a ring, a bracelet and an earing.


My last holiday was December 2008 to India where I brought a Diamond stud earing which I paid around £850 for,

the UK valuation for this was in the region of £2500.


I am travelling to India again this christmas and have been looking at diamond/gold prices but am not really in tune

with statistics/ the economy etc and just wondered if this is a good time to be buying diamonds?


would diamonds be cheaper because of the struggling economy and peoples resistance to buy them or are prices up

because of investors and the £ being down on the Rupee.


Thanks in advance!



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