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Pictures: Haven't Purchased....yet


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The setting is the "final setting" no matter what stone i pick so that stays. However this is one of a few stones i'm thinking about purchasing. I won't tell you any of the specs but just take a look and let me know what you think. After a few responses i'll tell you what it is.






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Erm... it's a nice setting in white metal. The centre stone is a round brilliant. It sparkles and it is white. I hope she likes it.


I'm not sure that three photos will tell anyone much more than that. It's hard enough to judge a stone when you have proportion info, macro photos (50-100x) from all angles and ASET/Gemex/Isee2/Helium imagery. A piece of jewellery is even more complex, because the setting can improve or kill the stones' look, etc.

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The ring looks great.

The diamond looks very nice - although, It's still hard to tell much about the center stone only by looking at the pictures...

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