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Opinions On These Diamonds?


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Hi everyone,


I'm planning on proposing to my partner at some point in the next few months, and am shopping around for a diamond. I've been using this site as a reference for a while, and thought I'd sign up to get some opinions on some diamond. My current plan is to get the stone from an online dealer and have it set locally - so I'm after a single round cut diamond, around 1ct. I'm currently looking at 3 diamonds (I've attached the grading reports). The 1.24ct obviously looks to be the best, but it's pushing the envelope price wise (4800 USD). The 1.10ct is the cheapest ($3000), and the 1.00ct is $3500. I'm a little concerned about the polish grade on the 1.10ct - the colour doesn't concern me as much, I've looked at J-K diamonds in some local jewellery shops and not been concerned (it'll be going in a yellow gold ring, which probably helps). I'm having trouble deciding, the questions in my head are

1) is the 1.10 a good deal? would I notice the difference between it and the other 2?

2) is the 1.24 worth the extra money? I suppose the GIA report helps, as would the higher cut grade...


There seems to be some very knowledgeable people here, so I'd welcome any opinions anyone could offer...







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Hello Bob,


You are looking at three stones that only apparently are comparable... Let's look at the price per carat:


1.10 J/SI1 = 2700

1.00 I/VS2 = 3500

1.24 J/SI1 = 3870


there is a reason why the 1.24 is nearly 50% more expensive per carat than the 1.10 and 10% more than the 1.00. The fee for a GIA report is $100 for stones between 1.00 and 1.49 ct., and while EGL fees may be lower they are not zero. So, if it's not the cost of the report, what's the reason?


To put it simply, it is that the 1.24 is almost certainly a nice diamond, and you are certain of its colour and clarity, with an "excellent" cut grade released by a respected lab.


With the other two stones you are taking a sizable risk on colour and clarity grading (EGL International is well known for less reliable reports than GIA), and you have no cut information. What info there is, seems to suggest that the cut is not up to par with the 1.24 (even though there is far too little data to comment on this with any degree of reliability). In particular, given the relatively high depth and lowish spread of the 1.00, I suspect the stone has been cut for weight retention in order to hit the magical 1.00 weight.


Assuming these are the only three stones you are considering, if you can afford the 1.24 and you like how it looks, I'd buy it. It sounds like a reasonable price, too. Otherwise, I'd ditch the other two and start looking again.

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I would stick with a GIA graded diamond. Especially if you aren't even going to look at the stone before you purchase it and going by paper only. I don't advise purchasing a diamond this way. but out of those 3 I would say the GIA graded stone is the best choice.

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I agree with both of the above. I'll add to it that, by your correct spelling of the word 'colour' and your use of USD with the currency, I'm going to assume that you're from overseas. I'm going to further assume that the dealers on all three stones are in the US since that's where most of the Internet dealers seem to be based. Even with a cooperative dealer, returning a stone over international borders that turns out to not be what you expected or even just something you don't like is a serious pain in the tuccas and it's worth a bit extra to minimize this risk. Stick with GIA and AGS grading and, if you can, stick with a dealer who is actually in posession of the stone and can discuss it more thoroughly than just reading the lab report to you, especially if the lab is of questionable repute.



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