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My Other Halfs Engagement Ring


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Hi everyone,


My wife has had her engagement ring for about a year.


I don't look at it too often but when i purchased it i made sure it looked good with no inclusions visible to the naked eye.


I looked at it today and have noticed dark bits on the left and right side of the diamond. The left and right if you are looking direct down onto the diamond.


I know for a fact these were not there when the ring was purchased. The diamond is a VS1, D, 0.50 carat, Princess cut.


Could these dark bits just bit dirt stopping light entering the diamond? Or a shadow caused from the claws and setting for the ring?


I am pretty sure inclusions don't develop over time and being a VSI if there are any inclusions they shouldn't be visible.


What are peoples thoughts on this? Get it cleaned and see if they disapear. One thing i have noticed if i do tilt the ring in the light the dark bits do disapear which suggests dirt.


Thanks for your help.



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HI Paul,

You are correct, inclusions don't get worse over time- and dirt does get stuck to many diamonds.

Put these two together, and it sounds like a cleaning is just the ticket!


Thanks. The dark bits are not really spots. They are quite a large sections down the left and slightly worse on the right. I assume inclusions are very small.


Will give it a clean myself to see if it improves.



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Hi Paul, Actually, you might not be able to get it clean unless you have a professional grade steam unit, or ultra-sonic cleaner.

Another thing which could be affecting your perception: many times a spot ( or a piece of dirt) on one side of the diamond appears to be located on the other side.

Here's a look at a 2.02ct in photos that really show the imperfection....on the right I've outlined the imperfections



There's actually only two imperfections - but it looks like there's more.

How is that possible?

The area outlined in Green is a "white feather" which runs at a diagonal in the "up and down" axis. It's starts near the edge of the stone- but it actually is situated inside the diamond.


The next area of imperfection is outlined in red- this is a carbon spot.

Oddly enough, the areas in blue are both reflections of the one carbon spot.

The carbon is located beneath the table- but right at the edge. This causes some weird light tricks.

What happens is that the facet directly to the left of the table grabs the light from the same area of the diamond which includes the real estate below the table- right where the black spot is.

The small blue area in the center is yet another reflection of the blot....

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