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Best Diamond Combination


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I've been dating my current girlfriend for just over 6 years now. To be perfectly honest, I think we have a few more years ahead of us until I pop the question, but that doesn't go to say that I'm not already scoping out ring options.


My title already explains the main issue I have right now. I know I'm getting her a diamond ring, but what about the material the ring is made out of? I've come across different kinds of gold, platinum, silver and palladium thus far. Are there others out there that I'm not considering?


As far as getting the "whole package," does anyone here have experience in picking the perfect combination? What factors lead you to pick the material that you chose?



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Hi RBarnaby, and congratulations! ( well, once you decide to finally pop the question anyway!)


In terms of metal, platinum is accepted in the trade as the finest metal to make a ring with.

BUT- the other metals commonly used, such as 14 and 18karat gold are also widely accepted as fantastic choices.


To really put everything together, you need to ...well put it all together !


For example, if you are spending $1500 on an engagement ring, it's not an inconsequential amount- but it is a smaller budget for a ring- so I'd suggest 14kt gold for someone one a budget- allowing more of the funds to be put into the diamond.....


Someone who's shopping for a 2carat D/VS1 will likely be best served by choosing platinum- but we're also talking about a ring which can cost a lot more than 20K!


We work with a lot of natural yellow diamonds- there, 18kt yellow is the best for setting- although we make a lot of two tone rings with yellow gold and platinum together.

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