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Wedding Bands


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After much advice from member on this forum I settled on a 4 prong Tiffany style platinum engagement ring. The stone I selected is a 1.5 carat AGS 000, D color and I all I can say is WOW. Her ring is beautiful and gets many complements. I must say, I am glad I found this forum. Everyone on here has provided very good advice.


That being said, we are now in the process of selecting a wedding band. We really want this wedding band to complement the engagement ring. I am curious if any experienced members can add some insight into which wedding band styles will best compliment the aforementioned engagement ring. We have been looking at eternity and 1/2 eternity style wedding bands but nothing has really caught my attention as being "the ring". We really want something that complements the engagement ring.


I know this comes down to personal taste but traditionally speaking what makes the ideal wedding band for this type of engagement ring. Advice is much appreciated.

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Since you have kept it simple but "exclusive" on the ER side, I'd continue that way.


The traditional wedding ring IS a plain band; if that is too plain, I'd consider something like this by Tiffany or a microset band like this one by Leon Mege.


(You don't need to go to Tiffany or Mege to get those looks, though by going to either one the quality of craftmanship is guaranteed to be very high)


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I generally recommend against that combination for daily wear. The problem is that the exposed girdles on the edges of wedding band will rub against the sides of the prong on the solitaire and you’ll quickly start to see your prongs wearing out. Diamonds are hard, platinum is soft and girdles make for pretty good saws. Try to find a design where the contact point is platinum to platinum rather than platinum to diamond. Failing that, solder the rings together so there isn’t movement between the two.



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I would think that the EB is too large, but chacun á son goût. Also, consider the amount of scratching that the ER may receive from the girdles of the stones in such an open setting.


BTW Nice typo (fiance(e) -> finance). I think you've already understood how things are going to work... :o

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