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Diamond Dilemma

the truth

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I have a dilemma I have 2 diamonds and Im trying to choose which is better


I have 2 diamonds to choose from


#1 Brilliant round 1.24 carat, color H, excellent cut, SI1

#2 Brilliant round1.32 carat, color I, excellent cut, VVS2, mild blue flourescence


Both have GIA certificates

#2 costs about $1500 more.

From research Ive done, the flourscence can enhance the color making an I look like F


My question is which on is a better deal? Is flourescence a good or bad?


Thanks in advance

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Have you seen the diamonds? Which one do you like best? GIA "Excellent" cut grade is a good indication, but not enough to guarantee that you will like the stone!


Is the SI1 inclusion easily visible from the table? If not, you may be paying an unnecessary premium for the VVS2 clarity in the other stone - assuming we are restricted to the two you have told us about. If we are not, then you are definitely paying an unnecessary premium.


Fluorescence is neither good nor bad per se - faint or medium (not sure which - GIA does not use the term "mild") fluorescence won't have such a significant effect on the stone's appearance in real life. Even strong blue fluorescence will not make an I look like an F in most lighting conditions, if ever.

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An I color won't look like an F color because it has flourescence. Somtimes in the sunlight a stone can look slightly whiter but not 4 color grades. If you are looking for a high color you will have to buy one. :D


I don't think you have enough info to make an informed decision currently with the info you put up on the board.

I would like to see the GIA lab reports.


Also you might want to learn about light performance. You can go to:



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Hi everyone!


Jan has recommended a few site which I, and many dealers -believe do nothing at all to educate consumers about the cut of a diamond.

All due respect, but nothing on either of those sites will prove useful to any consumer.

It makes no difference whatsoever what a machine thinks of a diamond- only what the eye sees.

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Keep in mind that some will put down the technology, however most of those cannot obtain it so they will try to discredit it.

Maybe so, although my understanding is that pretty much anyone who wants to and who is willing to commit to the required sales quota can get either system. Then again, those who already have a vested interest in either or both programs are inclined to push them and the fact that both companies have difficulty signing up dealers who are willing to agree to their terms makes them nearly useless as shopping tools between dealers.



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All due respect Jan,. but who's to say we could not get either of those useless items?

We don't want them, so it's not an issue-.

But that's really not the point.

The sites you linked to do nothing to educate a consumer.

They are there to promote a "tool" they are selling- a "tool" which many diamond dealers agree is useless.

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Jan, it has nothing to do with how our stones might or might not do.


The results from these machines are worthless.


Of course if a store is having a hard time selling diamonds, it might help to convince people that a useless machine means something.


The whole concept of "light performance" is hype. Pure and simple.

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Have you ever seen one in person or used it? I'm guessing you haven't. It's easy to repeat things other say without checking anything out. However it wouldn't be an objective and educated opinion.


It surely can kill a sale on a stone with mediocre light performace.


There is such a thing as light performance you know. How sparkly a diamond is.


At any rate, I'm not here to debate with you whether the machines tells valuable information or not. I already know that it does. I've used the brilliancescope over 9 years and the Isee2 machine for over 4 years.


The only dealers that don't like it, can't use it or find out their stones don't do that well, so they don't want the extra info. It's so much easier to just tell someone the stone is great versus offering proof.


I'm just here to help people get the nicest diamond they can get for the best price.

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And I'm here in an effort to educate consumers.



I'd like to think that's your goal as well.

My point is that the machine cannot tell you if you will like the diamond- or even if you will see it as "sparkly"

There's no way to tell what each individual perceives as sparkle.

A lot of stones that are very beautiful score horribly on those machines.


I'm sure you have nice stones.

I just don;t see the value in a machine to tell us what is pretty.Which is the ultimate goal, yes?

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The brilliancescope and the Isee2 unit measure light return on diamonds.


Our eyes can attempt to grade a diamonds clarity without a microscope, but it won`t be accurate. We can attempt to scale a diamonds weight with our hand, but that won`t work as well as the diamond scale.


These tools are helpful to consumers that want more than someone telling them a diamond is bright with no proof, anyone can do that. Of course they can "see" and judge for themselves too. In our experience many diamond shoppers online as well as in store like the added information that saves them time in finding the right diamond.

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