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Need Some Options


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Hello everyone,


I'm new here and have been reading posts all day. I've learned a lot, thanks for all the info. My question is what are my possible options for a diamond. My future wife has wants that seem to be out of my budget. She doesn't want to upgrade later or have something like CZ. She wants princess cut, color H or better, 2 carats, no eye-visable inclusions, and the obvious bright and shinny look. My budget is under $10,000 but the only diamonds I have found that seem to fit this are clarity enhanced. I have been reading about them on here and see they are not highly recommended, so.... any ideas?


Thanks All

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I see 3 choices.


Abandon the ‘eye clean’ spec and go for ‘doesn’t materially affect the beauty or durability of the stone’, you’re chances improve. Look at SI2’s and drop your color to I.




Drop your weight to about 1.80




Raise your budget



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My list of things to consider, in order of likely importance.


Option 1: change wife to be. I'm kidding, of course, but I have to admit I'd have been more than miffed if my wife had been quite as restrictive on this matter as your intended seems to be. It's your gift, not her right.


Option 2: a 1.70 ct stone is visually about 10% smaller than a 2.00, but can be about 20% less per carat (and fewer ct to boost). At the very least, consider staying just below the 2.00 and it will save you good money.


Option 3: a well cut stone will look whiter. Consider going for an I (or even J) grade with a very good cut. I have seen well cut L colour diamonds look really white (until you put a well-cut E next to them, at least)


Option 4: consider SI2 stones. They may not be strictly speaking "eye clean", in the sense that a careful observation with the diamond at close range will reveal the inclusion, but anyone - including your fiancee - looking at it in normal conditions will not see anything. You do need to be careful with it, though, and make sure you can inspect the stone prior to setting


Option 5: plain solitaire setting in gold (white or yellow, but save a few hundreds compared to platinum) or palladium.


Option 6: mid- to strong- blue fluorescence will make diamonds look whiter in sunlight.


No option: clarity enhanced. Too easy to get scammed, and a complete nightmare to resell.


To stay within your budget (or even near - allowing for ring and setting cost), you may need to combine some if not all of these. Searching for 1.70-2.00 / H-J / VS2-SI2 using the "Find Online Jeweler" at the top finds about 80 stones within budget... (and there's other vendors than those listed here, if this is not enough)


Good luck, and let us know how you get on!

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