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Newbie Needs Help!!!

Nathan Chance

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Hey all. I am planning an engagement soon and have been looking around at rings. At this point it has not been much more than sheer frustration. My girlfriend and I know pretty much exactly what kind of ring she wants and our price range (around 1 carat, white gold, princess cut solitaire, around $3,000ish). My frustration sets in as everywhere I go seems like they tell me something different, give me a completely different price range, and downplay any other jewelry store I have been to. Basically the best price I have found is $3300 for a 1.16 carat, H/I, SI2. I'm not completely sure on the grading, either GIA or EGL (which I understand is a little weaker than GIA?).


So here is what I am wondering. Would it be stupid to buy a GIA graded diamond say from Ebay or another online source, of same grade and size and take it to a jeweler and have it set in a solitaire white gold ring? I have been doing some shopping and have found 1 carat diamonds, GIA certified, of basically same clarity and color from anywhere of $500 to $1000 less than at the jewelry stores I have been to. I understand that if I did this I would be missing out on the "lifetime diamond guarantee" and what not, but are all those "guarantees" worth paying the extra $1000 for?


Someone please help!!

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Couple of points to consider:


1. Do you have someone you trust to set the stone? If you do, go for it. Having said that, should anything at all go wrong, the more parties are involved the more complex it gets to sort things out. Given your clear plans and wanting a simple setting, this is unlikely, but some people may feel more protected by purchasing a finished item from one supplier.


2. Depending on the guarantee - some may actually be worth quite a lot, depending on what you may want to do later. For example, some retailers offer a lifetime buy-back policy for 70-75% of the original cash amount. That's a nice insurance to have. Others offer 100% credit towards upgrades. Of course, if you plan to buy the ring and keep it "as is" for the rest of your lives, either option is worth very little.


Other unrelated issue is - but you have probably already figured this out - not all "certificates" are created equal. And not all GIA graded H or I / SI2 1.16 princess cuts are created equal.

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