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Damaged Diamond


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Hi There


I need a little advice.

I just bought my wife a diamond ring as a 10th wedding anniversary gift.

She had it for 3 days and noticed that a little bit of the gold that secures the diamond was raised.

She took it back to where it was purchased and they said that they would need to send it back to the manufacturers.

My wife was shocked to when she got a phone call a few days later saying that the diamond was cracked and it was her fault.


Now my wife is very careful with her rings. The first thing she does when she gets home is she takes them off and they are put in a safe place. The entire time she had the ring it was worn for a grand total of about 10hours over a 3 day period. If she does any cleaning or any sort of work with her hands the rings come off.


I wasn't aware that a diamond could be damaged so easily considering her engagement ring is still in perfect condition 12 years after getting it.



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It’s possible and diamonds do occasionally chip but it’s a pretty serious stroke of bad luck to chip one within the first 3 days of ownership. In most cases diamonds go for decades without damage.


Get it appraised by a real appraiser. They may or may not be able to tell if it’s ‘new’ damage but there are a few things to look for. What do you have in the way of documentation about it's condition when you got it? Obviously the jeweler/manufacturer have a serious conflict of interest here.


Do you have an insurance policy covering it? Assuming the report from the jeweler is correct, this would be a covered loss under most policies. Even if you don't have a special policy that relates to it, you may have come coverage under your homeowners policy that you didn't even know about.


Does the jeweler or manufacturer have any kind of warranty?


How did you pay when you bought it? Many credit cards include an insurance type component on new purchases that lasts for 30 - 180 days or so.



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Hi Ya


Thanks for the advice.


Thankfully it seems that the store has had a change of heart and called my wife to offer her a repair (at no cost) or a full refund.

Taking the refund. It broke her heart to accept the refund but at the end of the day she would always have that little thought in the back of her mind about the quality of the ring in general.

There were no documents with the ring. We live in N. Ireland and it is not standard practice to get anything like that here. But thanks to your advice and the advice that I have see from other posts I will be quizing the other jewelers a little more on the stones.

My wife was thinking about another ring that was made up of 3 clusters of 7 smaller diamonds but she was told that this type of ring is more prone to losing a diamond. Is there any truth in that?


Many thanks

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Absolutely- smaller "cluster" or micro pave rings are more likely to have a stone come out, as compared to larger solitaire type rings.


Since you're here, maybe we can offer more specific recommendations.

What type of budget are you working with?


If you are looking for something larger, or more important, I would not feel comfortable with the lack of paperwork- specifically, a GIA report if it's a diamond over 1.00carat.

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