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I bought a ring from a jeweler but did not purchase a stone yet. The ring fits approximately a 1 carat diamond, but I was wondering how much room I have for purchasing the gem itself. Do I need to stay between 0.9 and 1.1 carats or can I go much outside this range?


Originally, the jeweler was showing me 0.7s and suggesting that these would be fine in the ring, but I declined to buy a diamond from him because the prices were fairly high. (I can get same 4C's for about 40% less elsewhere). I was also talking to another jeweler about buying possibly just a stone without the ring, and she said that I should be careful not to buy a stone that's too small for the ring.


Ok, so I wonder whether:


A) The first jeweler was showing me smaller stones because they fit into my price range I gave him, and was willing to have the ring inappropriately resized to fit a smaller diamond.




^_^ The 2nd jeweler was just trying to scare me into buying a slightly larger diamond.


I could go up to 1 carat, but I'd rather go with, say, a 0.85 carat diamond with better color/cut/clarity, if it looked good in the ring. My understanding is that the proportions aren't that different between the two that it would make much difference.


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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The visual difference between a 0.85 and a 1 ct stone is about 10% - that is enough to make a noticeable difference everything else being equal. I'd much rather have a well cut 0.85 than a dodgy 1ct.


As to how well either (or a 0.7) would fit in the setting you have bought, it's very hard to say without knowing a lot more about the setting and who is going to wear it (and even then...).

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I agree with both you guys that it's better to have a really well cut .85, as compared to a dodgy ( love that word) 1.00ct.


But there are still color/clarity combinations that would allow for a nice quality stone in either .85, and 1.00.


If the .85 is D/VVS2 and the 1.00 is a I/Si1, the 1.00 will be a lot less money.

It depends on a person's color sensitivity. If both stones are really well cut, either would be beautiful to me.

Of course a .85 I/Si1 will be substantially less than the 1.00 I/SI1



In general, and this is a good example- I feel it's better to buy both diamond and ring from one source.


If you buy the ring one place, I'll assume the ring price includes setting your stone.

If you don't love the results, you have no one to turn to.

Another good reason to buy diamond and ring together is that it's totally bass-ackwards trying to find a stone to fit a setting , in this case.

Much more practical to select a stone, than get a setting that fits.


Commercial settings come in increments. That might be 6mm, the next size up is 6.5mm.

Your stone might be 6.2mm

Some setters will pull prongs back on a slightly too small setting- not a great idea.

Way better to put this all together in the correct order, if you can.


What type of metal?

I'd also ask what the budget is- this way we could offer more specific recommendations.

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Often the prong assembly on a mounting is a separate part that can be exchanged to accommodate different sizes and even shapes of stones. Your dilemma is, in fact, the reason they design them this way. If this is applicable, these parts, called heads or crowns are inexpensive, easy to install and any capable bench jeweler can get them. The result is that it may be possible to make the mounting work with almost any stone you want.



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