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Changing 14k Yellow Gold To Rose Gold


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Hey guys, I've tried searching but can't seem to locate the info. Is it possible to change a new 14K yellow gold diamond engagement ring to either a 14K or 18K rose gold finish and if so, any help or suggestions on who can do this kind of work? Thanks so much!


You can have it plated pink. A lot of pink gold is plated pink believe it or not. If you see something like a coppery/yellow gold then it's probably the natural pink gold alloy color.... but if it looks bright neon pink, its most likely pink plated.


Most jewelers can't plate jewelry pink in house, many repair shops don't even do it, so you might have a hard time finding someone to get it done for you. We work with a company in downtown LA that plates everything, that's all they do, and they have 2 different pink plating colors for pink on gold.

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Thanks for your help Yosef. I've tried to PM you but for some reason, it's not letting me. Can you contact me via PM to advance this topic more personally? I'd like to get this engagement ring changed to rose gold before presenting it to her and would like to send it to you for the work to be done by your contact if possible. It's everything I like 'cept for the color.

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You can find Yosef's direct contact information by clicking on the link at the foot of his post titled www.adylon.com. That's a link directly to his company.


I suggest you edit your post to remove your own email address. You're spam level will go up drastically if you leave this out there.


I would think carefully about using plating to change the color on a mounting that's due to be worn daily like an engagement ring. It will wear off fairly quickly and then look bad. If you're plating a piece that's already rose colored and are bumping up the color a bit it's less of a problem and if you're just plating specific areas it's not so bad but I would recommend against trying to just turn yellow into pink on an engagement ring. It just doesn't work that well.



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Plating is a last resort when it comes to changing the color of a metal.. It wears, it needs re-plated, and you can't really control the "color" as much as you would like with repeated platings.. Not to mention the hassle of shipping the ring out every time you need it re-plated if you go with a long distance plater..


The "right" way to do it is to remake the ring in the color you want it.. It costs more up front, but in the long run will give you a far better end result..

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Andrew - whichever type of ring it was, this thread is nearly 8 years old. 

Hey davidelevi - you're going to have to hit Hermann up to give you moderator status so you you can delete all of these time wasting posts that the spammers are putting up lately  ;)

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