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Single Cut Diamond


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I was given my great-grandmother's ring to have made into a ring for my girlfriend and I haven't seen the cut of diamond before. I looked it up online and it is (clearly) a single cut diamond, and by eye-balling it I would say it is over 1 carat, maybe 1.25. From what I can tell though, this is pretty rare for a single cut diamond because they are normally used as accent stones and are much smaller. Was this a popular cut for larger diamonds back in the early 1900's?


I need to get it appraised, but I'm wondering if I'm going to be told to have it re-cut and then find out later that it's more valuable as the antique style? I'm reading conflicting information online. Some sites say that the ring will look dull and will need to be cleaned more often for it to capture the light. Others are saying not to be so quick to turn away from an antique cut because they are beautiful, just different from what we are seeing today. What would be an appropriate setting for a single cut?


Any advice would be helpful! I don't want to go into a jeweler completely blind.

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The purpose of an appraisal is to provide you with useful information. It sounds like you need one. By all means get it appraised as it is and ask these questions to your appraiser. This is part of what you're paying them for. Bear in mind that all appraisers are not equally capable. Shop for their service just like you would shop for anything else and don't just assume that because they have a sign out front that says 'jeweler' that they know what they're doing.


Here's some places to look for a capable appraiser,







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I agree with Neil,

a competent appraiser is a good idea.

BUT I do believe you are confused on the terms.

A single cut is the basis of the modern brilliant cut- while older stones were faceted in a different manner.

I've seen a lot of single cuts in my time- but never one larger than say, about .05ct


Likely you're looking at an Old Miner, transitional or Old European Cut.


BTW- even a competent appraiser might not know the in's and out's of re cutting.

It's a complicated question- whether or not to re-cut- one that requires knowledge of cutting.


One of the reasons you don't see a lot of larger, older cut diamonds in higher qualities is that they do become more valuable after a re-cut.

Your stone- if it is 1.00+- may be too small....


Do you have a picture- now you've gotten me curious!

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