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I inherited a diamond ring from my grandfather which was set probably in Lebanon, probably in the 1920's. I want to set it in something newer to use in an engagement ring, but a local jeweler told me that this could be problematic as it had an irreglular shape instead of being perfectly round. Is this true? Do you think I'm better off buying a new ring? Where can I find more information on stones of this period?


Thank you



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I can’t tell much about the ring from the picture but the short answer is, heck no. HE would be better off if you bought a new ring. Gold and diamonds recycle pretty well and there are shops all over the country who make a living off of helping people restyle inherited jewelry. There may be some design topics to consider if your stone is an unusual shape or cut but this is part of what you are paying the jeweler for. Find a different jeweler. This one is pursuing his own agenda rather than trying to help you.


For more info on these stones, try Googling 'European cut diamond' and see what you find.



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