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Black Ceramic Engagement Ring?


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First time poster, long time visitor. Well....it's finally coming down to the moment and I'm telling you folks, for the life of me, I can't seem to find anywhere online that offers what my mind has created. I would like to create an engagement ring for my girl that has a black (ceramic I guess?) casting instead of the traditional yellow, white, platinum, etc. I see plenty of bands available but nothing that quite fits what my imagination seeks. Think of a Tiffany style ring holding a 1.5 or 2.0 carat stone yet the ring itself is black. Is it even possible? I just think a diamond or moissanite (her preference) would look so dazzling against an all-black ring. I'm not looking for a tension-style because she doesn't like the look.


Any bearings in the right direction would be most appreciated; or if applicable, an honest answer that such a design may have impractical applications. Thanks everyone for a great site!

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A couple of thoughts:


1. One of the reasons why people use white gold (or platinum) when setting colourless diamonds, is because setting colour tends to reflect into the stone, so at the very least you should consider having a plain (white) metal seat for the stone, or accept a gray tinge and decrease in brightness.


2. I think a ceramic ring may be impractical in term of rigidity and being prone to shattering. Have you looked into titanium (which is grey but I believe can be anodized in any colour - though it will scratch) and tungsten carbide (which is dark-ish grey, but I think may be coloured during the sintering process)?


3. At the very worst, you should be able to create something with enamel on top - my mother had a very nice gold boule gypsy-set ring with two bands of black enamel either side of the stone. When the enamel was new, it looked really good - however be prepared for a fragile surface; it will chip.


Don't take these as endorsements - I have never dealt with either company, but take a look at





as places to start your research into Ti and WC (yes, I know, unfortunate formula)


Let us know how you get on.

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