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What To Do?!


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Hi all,


Ok, I've been thinking about how to go about popping the question and I have come up with a great idea that is personal to both of us but I'm trying to figure out how go about it and what part of the night to do it. We have been together for 3 1/2 years and throughout the whole relationship we have had long periods of time apart due to me being away from school. I only have one semester left and want to ask her to marry me before I go back...


So when I went to school after the first summer we were together I bought her a stuffed animal (Bear) with a recording in the paw of my voice saying " I miss you baby and I love you so much" so she could always hear my voice, which she has always cherished. I was thinking of getting one just like it and putting a different recording telling her that she means the world to me and how much I love her...etc and asking her to marry me. I have it planned out to take her to a romantic dinner to her favorite restaurant on the river that overlooks the city of Cincinnati at night (which is gorgeous lit up). After that I was planning on going down to this boardwalk on the KY side (which is where the restaurant is) and enjoy the beautiful view with her. To end out the night I was going to surprise her with a suite in a riverside hotel with a view of the entire city across the river.


My questions are; does the bear idea sound good, and except for having the waiter bringing it with desert or something I wouldnt even know how to get the bear there without her asking questions... and I would love to ask her while on the boardwalk but how do I stall until then?!

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