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Princess Cut Ideal-scope


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I have spent the last month searching for a 1.5-1.7ct princess cut diamond and have stumbled upon what may be a strong candidate. I have found a F-Color 1.7ct stone w/ VG polish, VG symmetry, and a small table. The wholesaler recently forwarded the attached ideal-scope image. Given that I have little to no experience observing ideal-scope images, I would be very appreciative to know your thoughts regarding quality, light leakage, etc.


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Nothing to go on with that. Probably the worst way to buy a diamond really. :(



Well what else would you recommend that I do to evaluate the stone pre-purchase? If the stats look good, and pictures look good, and the ideal-scope looks good (which I'm not sure of...that's why I posted the pic)...what else can I do prior to purchasing/receiving the stone and having it taken for an appraisal and gemex analysis?

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I’m not nearly as down on the Idealscope as Bradley but I do agree with his conclusion that you haven’t learned much from an isolated image like this. How the picture is taken and how the diamond is aligned with the tool makes a considerable difference in what you see in the photograph. This makes comparing stones from one dealer against stones from another a very problematic issue and comparing stones at the same dealer only valid if you can rely on the dealer to use a consistent approach to the photography with every stone. Remember, you aren’t looking at a diamond, or even at a diamond through a special tool that you don’t know much about. You are looking at a PHOTOGRAPH of a diamond through a special tool that you don’t know much about.


That said, the image looks fine, it’s shows good light return in it’s current view and personally I kind of like small tables on princess cuts. It nicely square and has no major symmetry issues. It’s not a reject, which is what the IdealScope is for. Talk to your dealer about your specs and, if you’re still not confident, talk to your appraiser after you have it in hand.



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