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Please Take A Look At This Diamond


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Hello all.


Although I've just signed up I've been looking at diamond review for a while and would like your input on this diamond.


Let me just say I've seen the diamond in the store and it looks nice but with such a large purchase I'd really appreciate some feedback based on the stats.


It's 1.53 ct, G, SI1, excellent cut (so says GIA report.) VG polish, and EX sym. 7.37-7.41-4.58.


I put all the numbers into the pricescope cutadvisor (62% depth, 56% table, 34.5° crown angle, 41°) and came up with a score of 1.8.


Factor Grade

Light Return Excellent

Fire Very Good

Scintillation Very Good


or diameter for weight Very Good


What do you all think? Based on this info (which granted is limited) what would you all think it's worth? I'm a little dissapointed that it only scored VG for most of these items when its cut was excellent. I will say as far as I could tell the S1 was eye clean and I looked at it with a loupe and couldn't really see much there. Any input would be great appreciated.



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You've seen this diamond. What do your eyes think?


The HCA is very limited as it only evaluates 17 of the 58 facets that comprise the round brilliant shape. The author of the HCA strongly advises that his HCA be used as a reject tool and not as a means to choose a diamond for purchase. Which do you trust? The HCA or your eyes? Keep in mind that She will be wearing the diamond on her finger, not the HCA and people looking at her ring will notice whether or not the stone sparkles and is dispersive.



If you want a more accurate basis for co-evaluation to this diamond that you have seen compare it to (an)other diamond(s) with similar "numbers".

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If you want an actual light return analysis, you will have to have the stone measured on some machines that actually measure the white light, colored light and scintillation. It' can't be measured by a few average numerical formulas (sight unseen). For more info on that you can go to:




The isee2 also takes symmetry into the equation.

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