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Best Online Site To Buy Loose Diamonds


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HI Welcome to diamond.info


We offer a large selection of loose diamonds online. YOu can click on the link in my signature to see our site.


There are also other contributors here that offer nice stones at a good price.


Jan and Brad post here- from Diamond Brokers of Florida



another nice place to visit is the online store run by Barry, and Judah



I probably didn't include everyone, but I hope this is a good place to start!

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I would highly recommend whiteflash.com. I bought a 1.0 ct round from their ACA Hearts and Arrows collection. My fiancee and received many complements on it. I spent a long time looking at diamonds, and this was best one that I saw, by far, my independant appraiser agreed. Also if you buy from there and refer someone else or you make another diamond purchase over $1000, they send you $100 as a thank-you gift. If you do decide to buy from whiteflash, please let me know.


Other sites I would recommend:



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I'm in the searching process myself and I found some interesting things. I found a diamond I liked on bluenile. Tons of inventory, but apparently it's mostly a database that others can sell from so not just bluenile. I am looking for a very specific want and I emailed a few sites and found this out because 3 people all sent me back info on the same diamond and all were different prices. Uniondiamond happened to be the cheapest. Bluenile was the most expensive. Hope this helps. I'll be emailing uniondiamond when I find what I want on bluenile's database search. ^_^

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You are correct that BN is a drop ship site and just lists stones that it doesn't own. So do many of the internet sites. It would be of great help if you had an expert help you select the diamond as well as screen a good choice since diamonds cannot be evaluated on just numbers from a lab report. If you need any help with that, let us know. We can run the light performance analysis on the stone and send you photos before you actually buy it. Along with a great upgrade policy in the future as well.

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