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Where To Buy Synthetic Diamonds

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Based on numerous discussions here, quite a few people have asked me privately who actually DOES sell synthetic diamonds. 100% carbon crystals, 10 hardness, real diamond, no coatings, no BS. The real thing only made in a lab instead of in the ground. They really are out there but it's getting increasingly difficult to find them through the flood of nonsense sites selling other things that pretend to be something that they're not.


Here’s the diamond manufacturers that I know of as of today (July 23, 2008), in no particular order.


All are legit and all make fine products that they are justifiably proud of. Several of these fine companies sell through dealers, both online and in your neighborhood, others sell directly to shoppers and a few do both but in any case they provide contact information on their sites and will be happy to guide interested shoppers towards how and where to buy. Don’t be fooled by the fakes. This is where you can get REAL synthetic diamonds, lab diamonds, man-made diamonds, cultured diamonds or whatever you want to call them.



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Good job Niel :rolleyes: Hopefully that points people in the right direction... I'd also add "Renaissance Diamonds" to that list, which is essentially Gemesis, but that's a more consumer friendly website.



I'm personally waiting for a few manufactures to ramp up RELIABLE productions of white and pink synthetics.... Some make white, some make pink, but none in market demanding sizes (over 1ct) and most pinks seem over-saturated, not what you'd expect from a natural pink. I don't see the point in buying yellow synthetics, they're still expensive relative to white natural diamonds and most of them have that orangy hue to them that I'm not crazy about.

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