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3 Rings...please Make The Decision For Me


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Please put me out of my misery :rolleyes: I'm not listing prices because they are somewhat similar and don't matter at this point.


1.38 - Ideal - E - SI2 - EX polish - VG symmetry - 62.4 depth - 59 Table

1.20 - Ideal - H - VS2 - EX polish - EX symmetry -62.2 depth - 58 Table

1.27 - Ideal - F - SI1 - VG polish - EX symmetry - 60.5 depth - 60 Table


Why is it so hard?


Because I really want to get the 1.38 carat. Not only that, but the color is better and the polish is equal.


The SI clarity just scares me a bit...and the fact that the color goes down to H (for the middle one) doesn't help either. Help me so I can sleep tonight.

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Hi Faydakin,

If you saw these diamonds live and you didn't fall in love with any of the above keep looking for that perfect diamond. Maybe try a "G" color and VS2 ? after all you don't buy diamonds everyday so make sure it's the right one.

Good Luck.

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You want total strangers that are not looking at the diamonds or anything but a few numbers to make a decision for you, for a ring that your fiancee' is going to wear hopefully for the rest of her life?


Are you looking at the diamonds? Is the 1.38 ct. eye clean? It's slightly deep on the pavilion so don't know it will return as much light as a better cut.

I'm not talking about the cut grade on the report either. Not all excellent or ideal cut diamonds return the same amount of light.

Some are much brighter than others.

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