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Leo Diamond Vs Sitara Diamond


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Ok here goes it...which is the better diamond. My husband and I purchased the sitara ring at Fred Myers and bought our wedding bands there was well.


There is no longer a fred myers close to us, so for our anniversary he upgraded my diamond at JB Robinson. He got the Leo Diamond.


I am not sure I am as ahppy with it as I was hte SItara, and I just want to know which one is the better diamond.


This thread will help me decide if I should return the Leo dimaond and go back to Fred Myers and upgrade there with the Sitara......


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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I am not sure I am as happy with it as I was the SItara,


To me, that's the veritable definition of which one is better. Take it back. Do it quickly, they are probably trying to resell your old diamond to someone else and you may not be able to get it back if you delay.


If you contact Sitara, they may be able to help you find one of their dealers closer to home.



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I agree with Neil that if you are going to return it to do it quickly before they sell your old stone.


As far as the Sitara and Leo. Both have extra facets and both are sold by mall stores. Both have EGL or IGI lab reports.



Extra facets don't equate to extra light return. Most 57 faceted ideal cut diamonds will return more light than the extra faceted mall stones.

Each diamond is individual however and should be measured for light return. Also I would make sure to get either a diamond with GIA or AGS lab report.


There is a reason that the mall stones have reports from the other laboratories. Here is a real interesting story that Dateline did a while back about the other labs and mall stores etc.



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The important thing is why you would prefer one diamond over the other and what is your criteria of better diamond?


As an average consumer I do not understand clarity or color as I cannot verify them myself and hence I do not consider these aspects as important. However, what I consider is how "BEAUTIFUL" is my diamond going to look. This means the light performance of the diamond has to be high and when it is worn people will notice it.


So buy a diamond with better light performance - if you want your diamond to look more beautiful / brilliant!

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