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Color Enhanced Stone - Red Laser Line Reflection - Normal?


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I have recently bought a color enhanced diamond. When I bought the stone the diamond dealer pointed out to me that it is a colour enhanced stone but that the enhancement is not visible. After buying the ring and taking it home I noticed that the laser lines were actualy visible through the side of the stone and later in bright sunshine I also noticed that depending on how the sun is being reflected in the stone these laser lines are reflecting red. The red reflections can also occasionaly be seen through the top of the stone. I was wondering if the red laser line reflections are normal and acceptable as I have not seen any mention of these in any article I have read?


Thanks for the answers so far.

Sorry I think I picked the wrong enhancement method. As you can see I don't know much about it. The diamond is white and it had inclusions which were lasered out of the stone (i think it is called laser drilling). As mentioned in some articles I understand that you might still be able to see the laser lines. In my stone the laser lines reflect sometimes whitish but often red depending on how the light falls into the stone. This red reflection is visible when you look sideways through the stone and sometimes even through the top of the stone.


I hope it is a bit clearer now, sorry for the confusion. I don't know much about stones and English is not my first language either. I hope someone is able to help me.

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What you are describing is clarity enhanced, not color enhanced and the process that was used is called "fracture filled" not laser drilled.

Laser drilled is an enhancement to remove black spots, "fracture filled" injects a fluid to remove the inclusions from the eye.

The red (in some cases purple) line is what allows jewelers to detect its enhanced, so they dont put a direct torch on the stone itself.

It is a normal line, although if you can see it via naked eye, the enhancement was done poorly.

Let me know if you have any other questions, as we specialize in clarity enhanced stones.

You can also visit us on our website to answer questions in detail , ajdiamonds.com

Kind regards,


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