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Please Help - Bow Ties Or Paranoia?


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Hi All,


I would appreciate some advice please. I have had my e-ring handmade - three oval stones set in a platinum band.


Centre - 0.46c ESI1

Side stones - 0.26c each ESI1


They each have a depth of 56% and what I have taken to believe to be bow ties within them. I see a line across the centre of the ring when I tilt it and sometimes have to squint. Everyone tells me it is beautiful and sparkly. I am convinced that I see shadows and it upsets me to think my ideal ring is imperfect.


My jeweller says they are not bow ties and is going to source an oval with a prominent bow tie which will give me some perspective! On any account, he has offered to replace the stones as I see necessary within our budget. However, we have the best our budget could afford already. The size is fab and I know I'll have to compromise on the size, colour or bow-tiedness.


Now I am a little worried about wearing a ring that I don't take delight in looking at for the rest of my life. I am going to consider having the centre stone replaced with a round stone so that I have uncompromised sparkles!!


Do you think a round stone with two ovals would look good? Has anybody seen one like this before?




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Thanks for your messages, David as requested this is my ring. Please tell it to me straight!


Is it true that all three stone ovals will have this 'line of darkness' present above the band? I am losing sleep over this. Jan, have you seen a ring with one central round and oval sides? I personally think that princess centre and round sides look odd but it's all a matter of taste in the end. I appreciate your opinion.



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I do see bow ties in your ovals in the one picture. Contrary to some opinions, ovals don't have to have bow ties. I've sold many with no bow tie at all. They are not easy to find but do exist.


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Nice ring Jan!

But seeing a bow tie in that diamond would really be a matter of photography.

It we were to take a close up of it, we'd see some differnce in sparkle in the middle, compared to the ends.


It's a matter of physics.

The basis of both round and oval cuts is dividing the stone into eight parts.

It's possible to cut a circle into eight equal parts.

Try cutting an oval into eight equal parts- it's impossible.

There's no question some ovals are better than others as far as bow ties.


SaminLondon- generally, I find that if someone has these concerns, an oval might not be for them.


If your jeweler is willing to exchange, I'd suggest you look at a ring with three rounds.


I have seen a ring with a round center, and oval sides- it can look very nice.

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Thanks to you both for your responses. Jan, that oval is beautiful but I also understand David's point about the angle at which it is viewed. Basically, my jeweller has said that I need to compromise on either colour or carat weight to have the stones with a limited bow tie effect. He says some people like ovals because of the dark centre, I am obviously not one of those people although I adore the elongated shape.


I think I will get a round solitaire as I am obviously obsessed with the sparkles! A classic, timeless ring in platinum may be the best option. I just feel so sad that I haven't got exactly what I wanted :rolleyes:(


My fiance doesn't want me to have the centre oval changed to a round, and I think the side stones have bow ties too so I probably wouldn't like it anyway! I feel bad for my jeweller as I am being so indecisive and a little emotional too!

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Limited bowties are actually beneficial to the face up appearance as they provide contrast brilliance to the diamond.


From your photos this seems to be case and your report that you have to actually tilt the diamond to pick this up indicates that the bow ties are not egregious and a negative.


Enjoy your ring.

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Hi Barry,


Thanks for your response. I have started cleaning my ring everyday so no residue accentuates the bowtie. I am starting to really love my ring and have rejected the solitaire and round centre ideas! Ovals are for me, I just need to get used to the sparkles on the outside rather than the middle. I have stopped pointing out the bowtie to others and no one else comments (perhaps they are polite English folk) ;)) They just tell me the ring is beautiful and sparkles so much it dazzles them!!



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