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So I was looking at buying this diamond for $7750 from a wholesaler friend of my dad's:


1.51 Carat

Round Brilliant Cut

Color: E

Clarity: SI2

Measurements 7.2 mm X 7.2 mm

Depth: 63.4 %

Table: 58%

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

Cut: "Tolkowsky Ideal Cut"


Cert: EGL


I've heard a lot of bad news about EGL. What do you guys think? A good deal or trouble?





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The stone you are listing is off make, it has the diameter (7.20mm) of about 1 1/3 ct. It has been pushed into it`s weight but will look smaller than a better made 1.51 ct.


Calling this diamond a "Tolkowsky Ideal Cut" doesn`t say much for EGL. Marcel Tolkowsky is dead so he isn`t around to argue, but I doubt he intended for squatty cuts like this to have his name attached. There are much better true ideal cuts on the market and this isn`t one of them. A better label for this stone would be "cheap and deep cut". :)

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