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Here's the stone I am thinking about purchasing. Price is 12500 USD. May I please get your opinions on this one? I have looks at this stone under quite a few light conditions, natural sun, and natural lighting on a cloudy day, in doors and to my eyes she is "eye clean".


In my novice opinion this stone looks beautiful but then again I am no expert. May I get your opinions on the price (12500 USD) and measurements below?


Round Brilliant

7.47-7.51 x 4.56mm


Cut: 0

Symmetry: 0

Polish: 0

Light Performance: 0

Proportion Factors: 0

Total Depth: 60.9

Pavilion: 42.8

Pavilion Angle: 40.7

Crown: 15.1

Crow Angle: 34.1


Color: D

Clarity: SI2

Weight: 1.557

Fluorescence: Negligible

Culet: None

Table: 55.5



Thank you.

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