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Mikey Simpson

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Hi everyone I have been using this website for a while now but this is my first post :rolleyes: - Great Website


I'm on the hunt for a princess diamond and I have found 2 that I'm kinda interested in. The seller has agreed to send them to a jeweler to view but it will cost me.


I just wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts before I request them which might save me some money. I'm appreciate it's difficult to tell from just the numbers but there maybe something that I cannot spot as I am a complete novice.






Many Thanks - Mike

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I would keep looking. They call the cut grade square ice.


When I clicked on that it came up with this message:


The cut grade assigned to this diamond is based on scientific fact and a standard used by most manufacturers of Ideal and Premium Cut diamonds. It may not always reflect the opinion of that expressed on the grading report but allows consumers to effectively compare the grades of different laboratories.

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I agree completely with Jan- that statement is TOTAL BULL$HIT!


Plus, the site you are looking at puts "photos" of the diamonds on their listings without giving the courtesy, or truthfullness of informing the shoppers that the photo is NOT of the diamond they are offering.

Sites like that give internet sellers a bad name......


Mikey- my advice is to avoid sellers using such deceptive methods straight away!

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Wow, there’s some interesting misinformation on that site. My favorite is this chart comparing GIA princess cuts to the cut grading scales used by other various others.


I’ve no clue who ‘other’ is supposed to be and it would be lovely if those others used the same scales as GIA as this chart suggests but neither GIA nor HRD has a cut grading scale for princess cuts at all. Both of the subject stones are graded as ‘Square Ice’, a grade that doesn’t appear on their own scale!




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Call me crazy ( most people do anyway) but I find this type of behavior a total insult to our profession.


To be honest, you are right. I am very suspect by nature but my initial thoughts into this was you all (People selling diamonds) are a bunch of sharks. While I totally understand you are a business and need to make a profit to survive, there are SOME of you that are honest and willing to help the common folk.


That's commendable given your profession can be very flawed.

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