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monte cristo

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Hi Everybody,


Thanks for your great advise regarding my forthcoming purchase.


I have one more question, which i hope you can also assist with.


Where should one buy a stone?


I live in Europe and have checked with local shops, De Beers retail shops. They are all about twice as expensive as what i can find on the internet from the big american shops such as Abazias, Adiamor etc.


Paying twice as much seems quite a lot. Can anybody recommend where to buy?


Any help highly appreciated.




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If price is your hot button, buy from the US Internet sellers. There are a few logistical pains but the savings can be considerable. As you've observed, they tend to be less expensive than the land based stores and, thanks to the US dollar and the general business climate here, the US sellers seem to be better than their counterparts in most other countries.



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There's been a trend of European consumers coming to the United States to do their christmas shopping because their buying power is so much higher given the value of the Euro over the US dollar. They still save on large purchases despite the airfare. So in your case I would consider traveling to the US to take advantage of the market. The NYC diamond district on 47th st is an area completely devoted to the diamond and jewelry trade so that would be a prime location to it. Most of the diamonds traded in the world pass through the NYC diamond district so the location is optimal for getting a competitive price. Consider what your budget it, and if its high enough you might be able to save on the diamond and still cover your airfare if you decide to travel abroad. Many American companies also have websites for their storefronts so I would check out some of the websites for stores in the diamond district. You can look at the website for the company I work for at www.enchanteddiamond.com and also http://www.diamonddistrict.org/storelistings.aspx for listings in NYC area. I hope this helps, and good luck.



Enchanted Diamonds



9 West 47th st

New York, NY 10036

Tel. 212 730-7877

Fax. 212-730-7881

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Hi Nicole,


I must say, it’s been quite a while since I’ve heard such glowing reviews of the NYC diamond district as you’ve put into several posts. I beg to differ. It’s a pool of sharks. There is no savings associated with location beyond the nominal FedEx charges to ship a stone overnight to anywhere in the country. This absolutely pales to the additional costs borne by New Yorkers in the form of their tax rates (both sales taxes to shoppers and the taxes imposed on the merchant and their employees), their rents and their cost of living. You can ship a typical stone overnight to Fargo ND or Barstow CA for less than it costs to park in NYC, much less the cost to fly there and pay for a hotel. There are some good merchants in NYC, but they aren’t on the ground floor of the diamond district and they don’t get their customers by catering to the tourists walking in off the street. Observing that a significant percentage of the diamonds of the world are transshipped through NYC is an incredibly deceptive statistic. A huge percentage of them also visit Carlsbad CA (home of GIA) or Las Vegas NV (home of AGSL) but I don’t hear you suggesting that retailers nearby offer better deals because of it.


By the way, if you would like to be a regular poster, and you are certainly welcome, you should apply to the admin as such rather than just adding your advertisement into your post. It's free but there are a few hoops you have to jump through to prove your credibility.




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It’s a pool of sharks.


Unfortunately, this is true for at least the common tourist IMHO. I been up and down 47th street several times and each and every time some sleezy merchant tried to lure me into their store. Upon entering a store, I have been bombarded by multiple people within about 15 seconds.


The sad thing is that I am sure NYC can be a very legit source for someone but if you are not NY-savy or diamond-savy, I would be very cautious.


It's also not fair for the legit places on 47th street but one bad egg...

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Neil and others,


tks yr help


so, you dont see any problems in buying from the internet firms?

i am just worried they will send me another stone that what i pay for or something else will be wrong.


you dont think that will happen?


would you have any recommendations as to which company to use?



monte cristo

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Monte- there are some very questionable internet sellers- just as there are many questionable sellers sitting in stores!


I'd advise using some internet detective work- a guy sitting in a booth on 47th street can lie like a rug, and we won;t know about it unless someone comes to the web, and talks about it.

BUT- internet sellers' sales pitches are quite public.

If you see a site recommending anything but AGS, or GIA reports, that right there is a dead giveaway!


I'd "google" the sellers you're considering.

Another good move is to call the seller, and talk to them- get a sense of who you are dealing with......

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You might also want to work with someone that actually inspects and has on hand the diamond that you are interested in or provides some kind of service other than drop shipping the stone to you.


Your worry is legitimate about them sending you the wrong diamond. Occasionally I've had suppliers send the wrong stone from time to time. How would you know if they sent the correct one? Even had some that the lab reports had something wrong with like measurements, inscription etc. That is where your expert can come in handy and help you sort out the info for you.


Look for a great upgrade policy and warranties as well.

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