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Jared Peerless?!? Good Buy?


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I am looking at the following stone.


Jared Peerless Stone.


AGS 0009448003

Shape and Style - Round Brilliant

Measurements - 5.25-5.28 x 3.20 mm

Cut - AGS Ideal 0

Color - AGS 1.5 (G)

Clarity - AGS 5 (SI1)

Carat Weight - 0.536 cts.

Flourescence: Negligible

Based on clouds that are not shown (kind of concerning)


It is very High in White Light (Brilliance) Color Light (Fire) and Scintillation (sparkle).




The cost of this stone was $2200.00. It would be going with a .75 14k white gold pave band set. The total cost of this was $4100 or so after taxes.


Can anyone give me some insight to this diamond and tell me if this looks like a good buy? Please let me know, I just wanted to get some feedback on it and get a little insight to it.


Are Peerles Diamonds really the best there is? I got to look at it compared to a Leo and also compared to a regular not signature diamond. The Leo and non signature were .75. I also looked at .75 Peerless but the costs seemed high for me. .75 Peerless Same grades besides F Color - 4100

.75 Leo was 3800

.75 Regular was 3200


any feedback would be great!

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‘Peerless’ is a Jared house brand for AGSL graded stones with ‘ideal’, or AGS-0 cutting. As far as I can tell, there is no other restriction on the brand. That said, I like AGS-0’s and most other people do as well. You’ll find them to be fairly easy to shop. Check the ‘find online jeweler’ link at the top of the page and search for stones of the parameters you’ve listed and scan the list looking for AGS under lab and ‘ideal’ in the other columns. That should get you offers of several stones that are pretty comparable to the one you are considering and will answer your pricing question, at least with regard to the stone itself.



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