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Higher Quality Stones - Help

monte cristo

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I am looking to buy a ring and have following questions which I hope someone can help me with:


Looking to buy a D-F/FL-IF stone.


Is it worth paying up for a stone like this compared to a G-H/VVS-VS when considering resale market value and also what the stone actually looks like for the girl? Furthermore, is it wort paying for a FL stone - they seem to increase heavily in price compared to a IF?


I prefer not to buy a flashy rock but dont mind spending on a better quality stone.


Also, can anyone recommend where to buy rings in Europe or in the US? I have found some big shops online that seem quite ok. Any experience?


Thanks in advance


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I would say no if you are planning on wearing it versus collecting it. After you wear it for a while it probably won't be a D IF anymore.


By bigshops online you mean the people that list thousands of diamonds? If you were to go to those people in person, you will find out that they have no inventory of their own. They are just listers of other people's merchandise.

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You mentioned you don't want to buy anything flashy. If you're not going to buy > 1ct, I definitely would not buy D/FL. The resale value of this quality while still high, will be much harder to find a buyer for if you did wish to sell later.


2+cts, D/FL are highly prized and very well sought after. Demand is not as stong for smaller sizes in the same quality. Dealers may be reluctant to buy such a stone for the same premium that you paid for it and are more likely to give you VVS DEF pricing instead even if it has a GIA D/FL grade. For example if someone brought me a 1/2ct D/FL GIA stone I probably would not offer much more then I would for a VVS2/D price. For me, they're worth roughly the same. To the right buyer of course their values are much different. But if someone brought me a 2ct D/FL and I didn't pay based on a D/FL price, I would never get the stone.

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High clarity diamonds as the one mentioned can change in clarity with wear. Recently had a VVS1 that was downgraded to a VVS2 after being worn for a few years. Nothing major, but we had to repolish the diamond to return it to it`s original clarity grading. This was so minor that most people wouldn`t even see under a scope, but grading in the F- IF- VVS1 is quite critical. In our case the one clarity grade made a $2500. difference.

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hi everybody


thanks for your help

seems like my idea isnt that good so i will go for a lower quality stone.


would anybody have any suggestions what to get beaing in mind i would prefer something not flashy.

price range usd 10-15000 abt.


a colored diamond or perhaps they are a lot more expensive than my budget??


tks to all

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