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Color Or Clarity? With Yellow Gold.


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Is it better to give up a grade in clarity or a grade in color?


I would like a VS1 clarity with G-H color range. But its just outside of my price range…



with cut, polish, symmetry, ct weight all being the same (slightly different with ct weight but not enough to matter) will the visual appeal of the diamond be more effected if I went from a VS1 to a VS2 or if I went from a H color to an I color?


The stone is slightly over 2 ct. and will be on a yellow gold setting.


Both stones I am looking at have GIA:

Cut: EX

Symmetry: EX

Polish: EX


one is a VS2 H color

the other is a VS1 I color


The price is only about $300 diff. with the VS1 I color being both slightly larger and more expensive.




Will the yellow gold setting offset any noticeable ‘yellowness’ or as the experts say: “warmth.â€

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With all things being equal.... it would be a no brainer for me, I'd get the VS2/H, especially if it's a little cheaper.


But in diamonds things are rarely ever equal so compare them side by side and be sure you pick the better stone, an independant appraiser may also be helpful just for peace of mind.



ps - I disagree with this statement:

Will the yellow gold setting offset any noticeable ‘yellowness’ or as the experts say: “warmth.â€


Put a D color in a yellow gold setting, and put a J color in the same setting. The D color will POP out and the J color may still look nice, but there won't be as much contrast so it just sort of blends in more. Of course H/I are less obvious in color difference, but still I think you're always better to get VS2/H vs. VS1/I. That's my preference at least.

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Going from VS1 H to VS2 H will not usually be a discernible difference with the eye, if properly graded. Make sure that you have a GIA or AGS lab report first of all and that the cut grade is really nice, for example (ideal or excellent). If you can get light performance analysis that is great as well since you are buying a top cut grade. They all vary somewhat in the performance. If it were me, I would would to make sure that if I'm buying a top cut grade that I'm getting what I'm paying for.

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