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Should I Buy This Princess Cut


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I took a look at the plot on that one and it had a rather large feather near the corner, plus it is part of a matched pair, which means the supplier might not break up the set. That can sometimes be a problem in a princess cut near the point in setting and wearing. I did see another one about the same price...and for a slight bit more you could even get an AGS ideal cut princess. If you need some help in evaluating and actually viewing the stone before you purchase contact me and I'll help you out.

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Can you link directly to the ad?


GIA doesn’t assign a cut grade to princess cuts so this must be something your dealer has done. If this is important to you (and it should be), it’s important to understand how they came to this conclusion and what scale they are using. On one extreme AGS uses a very specific set of rules that apply to a raytracing model of the stone while on the other, some dealers use little more than rounded depth, diameter and table measurements. The former produces a useful grade, the later produces nonsense.



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