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Is This Stone Really Good?


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I ask advice at a choice of a stone for engagement ring. Will express your opinion on following stones. Are offered in Union Diamonds. 2 carat, up to 20000 $ interests nearby. Cut only ideal, i think that color more important for big stone, but inclusion are nor seen in VS2. Is it right?


This Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Weighs 2.08 carats and is G in color and a VS2 in clarity. This Diamond also falls in our "Select Ideal" cut category (for maximum sparkle). The depth is 61% and the table is 58%. The polish is Excellent and the symmetry is Excellent. This Diamond is certified by EGL and has a Medium girdle. This Diamond has no culet and only faint fluorescence (won't affect the beauty of the Diamond). Wire Transfer price $17,316.00 Regular price $17835.00



Certificate:EGL Shape: RoundCut: Select Idealâ„¢Carat: 2.00Color: FClarity: VS2Regular Price: $19436Wire Transfer Price: $18870 Diamond Proportions:Measurements: 8.19-8.15-4.91 Depth Percentage: 60.1 %Table Percentage: 58 %Girdle: MCulet: None (Pointed)Polish: ExcellentSymmetry: ExcellentFluorescence: None (Inert)



Certificate:EGL Shape: RoundCut: Select Idealâ„¢Carat: 2.01Color: FClarity: VS2Regular Price: $19763Wire Transfer Price: $19187 Diamond Proportions:Measurements: 8.28-8.27-4.83 Depth Percentage: 58.5 %Table Percentage: 60 %Girdle: M-SLTHK FCulet: None (Pointed)Polish: ExcellentSymmetry: ExcellentFluorescence: Faint

First i like more 2.08 =17300 big size

Is it good choice and price?

Thanks for help.


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EGL has had some bad rap throughout the years especially the ones outside EGL USA and NY but they are not as bad as you think. GIA has a solid reputation, they even give us a hard time :rolleyes: But if you are really particular, then bring it into a GIA lab.

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EGL’s reputation is absolutely deserved, especially on bigger stones. The payoff to dealers to resubmit a correctly graded EGL stone to GIA or AGSL is just too high to expect there to be ANY stones where this issue isn’t addressed prior to hitting the consumer marketplace. The dealers are too smart, the margins are too small and there’s too much money involved to expect them to leave this issue on the table for a consumer to benefit from it, even in cases where it exists. Put another way, if the only difference between a $20,000 EGL stone and a $30,000 GIA stone is a $154 fee from GIA, why does EGL have customers at all and, even if there are a few who do it because they didn’t understand the question, why aren’t they immediately upgraded to GIA by one of the other dealers whose hands it passes through between EGL and the final buyer? It doesn’t make sense to even a casual examination and the only conclusion available is that the lab brand is NOT the primary difference that’s responsible for the obvious price variation. Having ruled that out, and observing that the contents of the report appear superficially identical, what remains? Either it’s something not contained on the report or superficially identical is not actually identical. EGL-VS2 can mean GIA-SI2. EGL-F can mean GIA-I. I have no idea what ‘select ideal’ means but you can bet it doesn’t mean the same as AGS-ideal or even GIA-excellent.



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