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Hello all, does anyone know anything about adiamor.com and how reputable they are as a wholesaler of loose diamonds? Also, can anyone tell me some important information regarding cushions and what to look for(dimensions or grades for cut, clarity, color etc? I have heard that a problem with cushions is that they tend to normally be smaller than other stones? For example, is it true that I would have to buy a 1.2 or 1.3 ct cushion to resemble the same size of a round? Is there anything I can look for that would give avoid this .....maybe a thick to very thick girdle or a large table? Would the following info. be ok for a cushion of about 1.2 cts:

Cut--very good




girdle--thick to very thick



No culet

Good polish and good symmetry


lenth/width ratio of 1.17


Does anyone have an estimate of how much a stone like this would be worth? Without being able to see the diamonds, can anyone guess to the sparkle of one similar to this? Since it only has good symmetry and polish...will that decrease the sparkle or since its a very good cut will that not matter? Thank you so much in advance!

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----------- they are as a wholesaler of loose diamonds?

I can't speak about any particular company, BUT- anyone selling you one diamond is NOT acting as a "wholsaler"


Without being able to see the diamonds, can anyone guess to the sparkle of one similar to this



They might be able to guess, but whatever they guess is completely useless- you need to see such stones- at least some good photos....

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I put in the measurements for the size cushion and came up with about a .90 ct. versus 1.20 ct. There would definitely be quite a bit of fat on the example cushion that you put up. If properly cut they are not smaller than a round of the same carat weight usually unless you get one that is poorly cut. I would also try to avoid the extremely heavy girdles as well. That is more than likely where the fat is coming from.

Again look for an overall brilliance and no bow tie if possible.Your going to need to see the diamond versus going by measurements. I don't think that GIA ever intended people to use a couple of numbers to tell you how bright a stone is. It was more for indentification. Without seeing the stone, a guess is all you will get and it won't be an educated guess.



For a price comparison, we have a gorgous very well cut cushion GIA 1.20 ct. VS1 D EX EX for $8985



Your example cushion about $5500.


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