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I have been looking at the differences between EGL and GIA certified diamonds (round brilliant cut) and I am more then too aware of the discrepancies in color, but I am noticing more 'bubble like' inclusions in the EGL stones. What are they? and what sort of effect will they have on the dispersion and brilliance of the diamond? The certificates don’t identify any of these 'bubbles' in the diagram and layout... I don't seem to see as many in the GIA diamonds? Is it just the diamonds I’m looking at, or is there something I don't know about here?


I am assuming this is a normal occurrence? The bubbles look just like air bubbles in a glass of water or in a pane of glass, very small- not visible under a 10x but under greater magnification (30x and higher) they can be seen- I’m not using these bubbles as a deal breaker, I just want to know more about them.

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Are you getting actual light performance analysis on the stone since you keep mentioning it?

Inclusions can effect light performance. Also I would get away from the EGL graded diamonds and go more for a legitimate graded GIA or AGS stone to start with.

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