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K*y Diamond Swaped In My Favor?

salvi ring

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I proposed to my fiance with a diamond I purchased from K*y jewlers. When my fiance went to get it sized they could not find the certification number on the diamond. They made her wait for a while and notice some comotion going on in the background. Startled she asked for the diamond back. They wanted her to leave the diamond there. But she was a good girl and got her diamond back. The next day I went to K*y jewlers, I handed them the ring with my supervision. The certified number was under the prong. The loosened the prong to read the number, and it was a different number than the certificate. The woman who sold us the ring told me to leave it with her and they would replace the diamond. Replace the Diamond? For what, I came to get the ring sized. So I knew then something was going on, possibly trying to switch the diamond to the original certificate. I asked for the ring back and wrote down the numbers on the ring, took it to another jewlers store, and found out the ring was actually bigger in carrot and a designer cut, Leo diamond. Originally got a ring thinking it was .61, ended up being .75. What should I do? Another woman called me from the same K*y store and gave me two options. 1st-they would replace the ring, again told me the would replace the ring?! 2nd- They will get the certificate for the diamond if we want to keep it. My question is, knowing that they gave me a wrong diamond, a better diamond, why give me an option to give it back, especiall if its a Leo diamond which cost lots more. What to do? :unsure:

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I think it’s important to determine if they gave you somebody else’s ring by mistake and, if so, you should do your best to arrange to get it back to it’s rightful owner. Can't they look it up by that cert number? Their reaction baffles me a little bit because, frankly, this seems like the most likely scenario. Assuming this is the case, I would then demand either a full refund or a ring that’s at least as good as what was lots, YOUR choice.


Failing that, you need to decide if you love the stone that you have now. Just because they cost more doesn't mean that you will like it more after all. Presumably the reason for the repeated offers to replace the ring is that yours is gone and they owe you a ring. It’s up to you whether you want to take them up on either option but a full refund should be one of the options on the table as well.



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