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Diamond And Gia


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I'd advise you to be very selective where you buy your diamond.

Pick a seller with a good reputation and track record.

If you have doubt, do not buy.

Even if you took Neil's advice to bring the diamond to an appraiser, if a seller was crooked enough to offer diamonds with bogus GIA reports, they would likely not be willing to give a refund.

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Although I agree that you should be buying from sellers you are inclined to trust and that choosing the seller is every bit as important as choosing the stone, the law is on the buyers side here. A sale using a fictitious or altered lab document as part of the sales presentation would be a serious UCC violation in the US and would therefore be rock solid grounds for a protest to the credit card company even if the seller has a 'no refunds for any reason' policy (which would be another reason to avoid a seller by the way, along with a refusal to accept your credit card) or if they ignore whatever policy they do have. On the other hand, if you never check you'll never know. There are plenty of other reasons to get a new purchase appraised anyway, this just one of the things to ask during the appointment.



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The GIA certificate will tell you all the specs of the diamond as well as the depth and size of the diamonds. All the specs (color, clarity, cut) should match the appraisal certificate. Some of the specs are more vague then others, so your color might be off by 1 grade...this is normal. But diamonds are really unique because of their inclusions (or lack thereof) so have the appraiser show you the inclusions or map out where they are. The GIA certificate has a picture of the diamond and markings showing where the inclusions should be. If your inclusions on the diamond aren't matching up to where they should be as indicated on the GIA certificate then it may not be authentic. GIA certificates are lamentated to prevent tampering and they also come with a "report number". Take that report number and go to GIA.edu > GIA certificate/report tab on right> GIA report check... it will ask you for you caret weight and the report number displayed on the top left of the lamenated certificate. If your certificate says anything different than the page that will pop up once you do the search it means your report is not authentic or it has been altered.

If your looking for GIA certified diamonds e-mail info@enchanteddiamond.com with an idea of what you are looking for. We have a storefront in the NYC diamond district as well as a website www.enchanteddiamond.com. We've been in the business for 40+ years and our diamond specialist is an actual diamond dealer, not a jeweler, and a member of the Diamond Dealer's Club for many years. We get our diamonds directly from wholesalers in the area so you can't beat the prices here. Call (212) 730 7877 for an appointment or with any more questions or concerns.


I hope this helps.

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