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The Leo Diamond


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A diamond is close in my future. It will be as an engagement ring. I was wondering is the Leo Diamond really that great compared to other diamonds of its class and price range? How is the reflected light, aka sparkle, compared to another diamond of its class scientifically? And will it last the test of time. Thanks any insight will be appreciated!

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To my knowledge, it has 8 extra facets cut into it, and is only sold at a "select" group of retailers. I just came from a Jared store (I needed to use their microscope...) and while I was getting my ring cleaned and drinking bottled water, I decided to sit and take in a sales pitch...


I'm only an amateur here, but in theory, more facets would equal smaller sparkle, but more of it. I personally, see very little difference between a Leo cut and an ideally proportioned stone.

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