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Diamond Color


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I'm a first-time diamond buyer (engagement) who's spent some time at several local jewelers. I've also spent a considerable amount of time researching this for myself online. According to the jeweler's I've talked to, color and clarity seem to have the biggest impact on price. The more I read, however, the more I feel that neither of these have a large impact on the aesthetic appeal of the stone. I've seen a lot of "F-SI1" and "G-SI1" princess cuts that had suboptimal proportions. Currently, I'm looking at this diamond:


1.015 ct.

AGS Ideal Cut (0)

Table %: 64.4

Depth %: 72.1

Polish: Ideal

Symmetry: Ideal

Color: I

Clarity: VS1

Crown %: 11.9

Girdle: 1.4% to 2.9%

Pavillion: 39.3 (I believe this is P2)


Price: $4500


In this case, I feel like I'm getting a screaming deal on a diamond with a great cut. I've found a stone almost identical to this one in a J rather than an I for $3925. Most "experts" (and maybe I'm missing something) have told me that I shouldn't even consider a diamond that is worse than a G color rating. To the naked eye, I think the difference is narrowly detectable. Would I be better off spending the same thing on an F color diamond with very poor proportions?

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Hi mmath- congratulations!


Most "experts" (and maybe I'm missing something) have told me that I shouldn't even consider a diamond that is worse than a G color rating.
This is a common piece of ill advised advice given by people that commonly

a) don't know what they are talking about

b ) have a vested interest in selling you something in a higher color diamond.


Kind of like asking a BMW dealer if you should consider a Ford.


Many people could never even see the difference between an I and a J.

Yes, there are folks who ARE ultra sensitive to a slight tint in diamonds, but if you fit into that group, you'd likely know it , and would not be happy with an I color- which you seem to like a lot.


Would I be better off spending the same thing on an F color diamond with very poor proportions?

My opinion here is that you should not eliminate ANY diamond based solely on color- Cut, however IS a "deal breaker" characteristic

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Jan's answer is exactly what I'm talking about.

How would we know if she is "color sensitive"?

I think that most of the women who's men are buying them engagment rings would tell something like that to their fiancee- and generally speaking, those men would not look at an I color.

But it's a HUGE IF. There's a tremendous amount of women that would be thrilled with a J color- why assume she's not one of them?

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Thank you both for the feedback! This forum has helped me clarify so many questions I've had. It's made my whole buying experience much easier.


Other than an attachment to the princess-shape fancy cut, my girlfriend knows very little about diamonds and has never indicated a color sensitivity. I think every woman wants a beautiful diamond for their engagement ring. When they go to the experts at the jewelry store, (at least from my experience) they tend to differentiate one stone from the other along color/clarity lines. Thus, I think sometimes color sensitivity is really just ill-informed logic that means "I want a great stone." Undoubtedly there are those who can appreciate the difference between a G and an I under normal light conditions, but I don't think that attribute characterizes the average consumer.


I ended up buying the I clarity AGS-0. I've got 30 days to return it if I'm not in love with it. It arrives on Friday. I'll let you know what I think.


Thanks again!

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As promised, I'm following up on the outcome of this purchase. I received the diamond last Friday and was overwhelmingly pleased with it. There was no detectable hue in the stone. What's more, the diamond really scintillated under every light condition I tested it in. I am more convinced than ever that cut is hands down the most important quality in a diamond (although this one doesn't have much wrong with it outside of the "I" color). I'm very pleased.


Inevitably, there was a pitfall in the online buying process. I sent the diamond back to be set in a platinum split shank setting and I'm pretty sure it hadn't been polished whatsoever before they sent it to me. The setting looked terrible. When I sent it back, the service rep for the online jeweler was mortified that they'd sent the ring to me in that condition. It worked out okay in the end because the split shank was a little more angular (and masculine) then I envisioned. They offered to upgrade the setting and put the diamond into something I like more. Assuming they do a better job with the setting this time, I'm once again pleased with the service level and purchasing experience.


Thanks again for the advice I've received from this forum!

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