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Blue Nile Negotiation


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There are many sellers that do not possess the diamonds they offer.

That would make it difficult to negotiate.....


If the seller actually has the diamond, you probably have a better chance of negotiating.

BUT- it's also important to remember that padding of prices to allow negotiation seems counter productive......

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Actually I think it's the opposite of what David said, sort of. I mean, if they own the diamond it would be very difficult to negotiate for it, since you must buy from them. However if they just drop ship the diamond then any diamond dealer can get it theoreticaly and so they'd be more open to negotiate on the price. But because it's Blue Nile I doubt they would.


What stone is it? If it's a non-Signature Ideal then they do not own it, and I or any other dealer here could probably get you the exact same stone for less.


Call up your jeweler and ask them to get it for you.


Happy hunting.



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Most of the stones that Blue Nile lists are available to any other jeweler since they don't own them. If it were me, I would take the list into your local jeweler and have them get the one that you like in so you can see it before purchasing it.

I know anytime one of my local clients come in with their list, I can get the stone or sometimes even a better one that is cut better, that isn't listed with them for a better price.

Also we service our clients if they need to be resized, they can try mountings on and see if they like them on their hand before they buy it too. We also have a very generous upgrade policy in the future that Blue Nile doesn't offer.


I don't even really see an advantage of purchasing from them since they don't see what they are selling to you. Anyone can list a bunch of stones they don't own. Doesn't make them big. When clients come into our store, they expect to see product, not just a couple of computers with paper lists on them. With them you are just looking at a facade.

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Many, perhaps even most local jewelers will not agree to this. The problem is that there are costs associated with bringing it into the store, maintaining security while it’s in their possession, presenting it to the client and discussing it, return shipping if you don't buy it etc. They must bear the burden of these costs whether you buy or not. Blue Nile and similar drop shippers aren’t saddled with this and it’s part of the reason that they can offer things at relatively attractive prices because you (and they) are buying blind.


By all means, talk to your local jeweler about it and show them what you are considering buying but I think it’s unreasonable to expect them to absorb a bunch of expenses on the possibility that you might buy something from them, especially if they are then expected to match the prices of a competitor who doesn’t have to consider any of these costs or risk losing the deal entirely after they've done all of the work.



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Great points Neil!

Also- it's not all that simple getting diamonds sent out nowadays- certainly more difficult than it was last year, and prior to that.


Not every local jeweler can get any diamond- nor can any dealer.


I still feel that buyers will have more ability to negotiate with an inventoried dealer- one that posseses the diamonds.

Neil also hit upon a good point.

Ostensibly, the economy offered by a business model where sellers have little or no investment in inventory allows them to sell at just about the lowest price.


At the same time, there's other factors involved. For example: I believe that in the puchase of a diamond, while getting a good price is important, simply getting "the lowest price" is not many shoppers top priority.

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