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Diamond 4 C's


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Hello All:


Curious, what people think about this choice in stone? Should I post how much I paid? I don't think i paid a lot at all. I focused a majority of my efforts towards the ideal cut and something above S1 clarity so that the diamond shines like fire. It will, right?


Oh, and I am totally on a strict budget, and I realize 0.62 is kind of "dinky," but just how small will it look? I have really no experience with diamonds at all.


Thanks for your help,



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I agree DiamondsbyLauren, but they have a generous return policy, so I decided to take a chance. Even if the ring and diamond aren't great, at least I will know their quality and whether or not I will pursue a purchase with them.


Thanks for the reply.

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James Allen is a reputable dealer

’Ideal’ cutting is nice

I is a fine choice for color

VS2 is a fine choice for clarity

0.62cts is a perfectly reasonable size


What is there to tell you? We've never seen the stone. There's a decent chance that the folks at JA haven't even seen it. Let us know if you love it when it arrives. As you point out, they have a reasonable return policy and if you or your appraiser say it’s not up to snuff, I’m confident they’ll honor it. All it'll cost you is some shipping fees, some appraisal fees and a bit of time. On the other hand, it may be just what you're looking for. Let us know when it arrives and you get to look at it.



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