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I think it's an ok substitute metal, but not really a fan of it.. We make things with it, but only on special request..


Personally, I think that it will fall out of favor, again, like it has the previous 2 times it showed up..

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We've been selling more palladium this year due to the price of gold and platinum. The nice thing about palladium is that you don't have to have it replated to keep it looking white as you do with the white gold. So far, all of our clients were extremely happy with their purchases.

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Palladium is an environmentally friendly or Green metal, about 95% pure, making it safe for customers who might have allergic reactions to white gold. It is also called the Poor Man’s Platinum, it is so much cheaper compared to other metals.


I don't agree with civicbud, it may depend on quality or %age but from what I've seen, they are as white white gold. You don't have to take my word for it, you might wanna checkout local jewelry stores and compare them.


Anyway, it is not treated to achieve its color like other metals since it is naturally white and bright.

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For what it's worth everything in our bridal showcases are Platinum, Palladium, and 18K White Gold. And if I had my choice I would get rid of the 18K. I see no value in 14K, you might as well get 18K. But I always suggest people get the PD instead of 18KW. It's just as affordable and much more pure of a metal.


Is PD bright white like rhodium (plated on white gold)? Well not really but it's very close... and speaking of white gold it's not bright white either, it's yellowish and not bright at all in it's natural state, it only appears so because it's rhodium plated. PD and PT are both slightly greyish, they have the exact same color. Anyone who doesn't like the color of PT doesn't like the color of PD then as well. And if you really want your PT or PD ring to be even brighter, you can have rhodium plated, but it' really not needed. But if you do, at least when it wears, it won't turn yellowish. Ask anyone with a platinum ring how they like their color, I'm sure you'll get no complaints. Almost all of them are never rhodium plated.


The whitest metal is actually silver. I recently was taking pictures of some brand new highly polished silver rings in our bright white photobooth and I was surprised how hard it was to photograph due to the fact they were so white. It's not a huge difference when looking at in person, but when you're taking pictures of something that is hard to photograph to begin with like a bright white high polished ring that picks up so many reflections, you can tell right away. Of course silver tarnishes easily and will not maintain it's bright white color over time.


Everything is a trade off. If you want something that wears good with little maintenance, get platinum or palladium... and you don't have to worry about getting your ring rhodium plated every year or two. If you want something that's easily cast and any jeweler can repair or size quickly, get 14K/18K white gold. And if you really can't afford something, get silver! You can get a bright white metal, never need to plate it, but you'll be buffing it once every few weeks to keep the shine. For what you pay, I'd rather have the silver then 14K to be honest with you, but I'm just a purity snob :P I just don't like the idea of taking something yellow and painting it white.

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