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Marquise Settings


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So I am shopping online for that oh so special ring and have decided on only one thing... I want a marquise diamond. Not being the typical girl, I don't want the typical diamond. One dilema I am having... the setting! I really want the type of setting that has the V prongs over the long ends of the diamond to help protect it, plus looks like it might get caught a little less. Can most six prong settings be altered, or four prong settings for that matter? I have been told "oh yeah, no problem, easy" but was from someone who also did not seem to be listening to what I was asking!


I am also having issues finding a setting I like because I can not try it on with the whole online shopping thing... How do I deal with this especially if it needs to be altered for the type of diamond I want? Buy and then return? My poor fiance's credit card!!! I have done a bit of shopping at BM stores but have not found a store that has a good selection to try on.


Any creative ideas? <_<

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Congratulations! it's exciting getting a diamond!


I always suggest buying the diamond and setting from the same place- with a Marquise it's especially important.

In terms of changing prongs on an existing setting to accommodate a Marquise? I'd strongly discourage that idea.


Unless it's going in a bezel, the setting will likely have "V" tip prongs at the end- marquises require specialized settings.



Above is a setting we love a lot for Marquise shaped diamonds.



We sell thousands of rings a year based on photos, and talking to the potential buyers.

Sure, if there was a walk in store with the selection and prices of the internet, that would be a better choice.

But the reality is, shopping online allows to you see a lot more diamonds, and at better prices than you could find in a store.

Is the trade off worth it for you?

Only you can answer that one!

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