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Newbie With Diamonds... Need Help


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Hi, I am looking to spend 12k or under. I found a diamond for $11,200... It is 1.29ct(Round) F color, VS2, Ideal cut, Very Good polish, Very good symmetry, no florescence in a Platinum 6 prong solitare setting. GIA Cert.


Do you think I have a good deal here?


I appreciate any help <_<

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There's a few questions:

Is this from a brick and mortar store? Have you seen the diamond, and ring?


You used the term "Ideal" which is not GIA terminology- who called the diamond Ideal?



I have seen the diamond and ring, both are beautiful. I meant to say excellent cut not "ideal", sorry about that. Yes it is from a brick and mortar store, not online.

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The price is nicely competitive.


You’ve seen the stone and the ring you love both.

You’ve got grading from a reliable source.

You are apparently happy with your dealer.


There’s no way for us to say if WE would love it but it doesn’t really matter either way. It sounds like a hit to me. Congratulations.



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